As a creative artist and a clinician, I enjoy creating helpful tools to make others practice the ideas of mindfulness and teachings of psychology as part of everyday life. Enjoy the free downloadable files below, and check here for more updates in the future!


Daily Planner

A great way to plan your day using your CBT skills! Practice daily affirmations, realistic planning, self care, and make time for gratitude practice each and every day.


Notes to Self

For whenever you want to write a message to your future self. Reminders, self-affirmations, and sweet notes to get you through the day. Practice self-compassion and kindness with this note.


My Coping Statements

Create your very own set of coping statements! When we generate our own list of affirmations, we become more in tuned to the unhelpful thought patterns we engage in and begin the practice of challenging our cognitive distortions.