About Me

Dr. Danessa Mayo, Ph.D.

Dr. Danessa Mayo, Ph.D.

My dedication to working with children and young adults is rooted in the belief that people are infinitely enhanced by what they have experienced, witnessed, and learned to overcome. Thus, my work is aimed towards addressing the mental health needs of children, youth, and young adults at the most pivotal and early stages of their symptoms in order to help them lead full and meaningful lives.


Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Clinical Child specialization, Loma Linda University

M.A. Psychology, Loma Linda University

B.A. Cognitive Sciences, Studio Art Minor, University of California, Irvine


Art is Healing

As a visual artist and a psychologist, my therapeutic approach for individual therapy with youth and young adults is unique and includes the bridging of my two passions: psychology and the arts.

My theoretical orientation is primarily based on cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT) and third-wave CBT (Mindfulness-Based Therapy, ACT, DBT). When appropriate, I use expressive art therapy to help my clients deal with their current needs for mind and body wellness. Thus, it is not uncommon for sessions to include painting, drawing, and other mediums that my clients are willing to use as a tool to communicate, explore, and understand their difficulties.


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